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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Will It Ever End? Depressing

Winter is usually fine with me. I'd rather be cold than hot, but this winter has made me think about Arizona or New Mexico. (Never Florida!) We finally got down to mud...good squishy, slippery mud... on my path to the barn, when the weather forcast predicts more snow. AAHHH I tried to carry bales down to the Shetland barn on Tuesday. The mind was willing and the body wouldn't cooperate. Tim finally came to my rescue yesterday. Really feeling old this year.
In the midst of this physical stress, I went to get a new passport photo taken.Dumb idea. What a shock when I saw it. The woman who took it said, "Hey this is really good", so I guess that's what I really do look like. They say the camera doesn't lie but I would have appreciated a little white one at least OR air brushing. From there, I went shopping for my niece. Since I am missing the female shopping gene, this didn't take long. Stupidly, I tried something on for myself. Now I'm feeling not only old but FAT. It used to be that when I had a bad shopping day I bought shoes, claiming that shoes wouldn't make you look fat. Well....thanks to some slender chik on the Today Show, that idea is no longer correct. Do earrings make you look fat? Thinking not, I bought a pair. Now my neck looks short! Whatever!
When I got home, I dyed a few skeins of wool. My colors are usually bright and zippy, but these were drab and dull. A reflection of my day. I quit dying and called it a day. Come on Spring and bright colors!

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Michelle said...

Oh my, that DOES sound like a bad case of the winter doldrums! Hope things look up soon!