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Monday, February 8, 2010

Amish Basketball

Another snowstorm looming. Great. We haven't even gotten dug out from the last one. While the sun was shining, Tim offered to help me get hay down to the lower level of the barn and stacked on the lowest level where the sheep are. The bales come from the 4th level of the barn, up 2 ladders and a flight of steps. I usually throw them down, where they free fall about 20 feet and if I'm on, can get them to hit the hole in the second level floor down to the lower level...a 2'x3' opening. Missing the hole means a bounce in any direction on the second level of the barn, where it can wind up almost anywhere amidst the antiques and junk accumulated there. The cats scatter and stuff crashes. It's a feeble way of amusing myself while doing a mundain task. Tim tried the job today and also found it entertaining. He called it "Weird Amish Basketball". He got bonus points for bouncing one bale into a trashcan full of salt w/o knocking the can over. Being of like humor we both cheered. Who needs to buy tickets to entertainment venues? Can this be construed as Cabin Fever?

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Somerhill said...

Sounds like something that would happen at our place. We roll round bales down the road, and then try to get them to turn, go down the steep slope, and roll into the barn through the open doors. We call it "hay bowling".

How amny times have I commented....sure glad we don't have close neighbors.