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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gorgeous Day in November

What a wonderful warm sunny day after many of rain. Yesterday I got the truck stuck in the muddy lane going up to the top field trying to deliver protein tubs. Even 4WD didn't help the mud was so deep. One wiff of those tubs and the flock ran down the lane and waited for me to roll the tubs off the tailgate. Notice I didn't use the word patiently. They attacked before I could get out of the way. Gotta love 'em.
After a morning of trying out my new dye colors and making some of the most frightening color combinations, I decided to take a break and sit on my porch,sip coffee and watch my flock. This porch is like being in a treehouse. I can see the whole farm. Unuasual to be sitting here in November, but it sure feels good. There's green grass in most fields...amazing. The skeins I dyed earlier are drying in the breeze and look a bit less vivid. Maybe Bozo the clown won't buy them after all. It's funny about wool though, no matter what color yarn or roving you make, someone will love it and someone else will be negative. Good thing too or the world would be a pretty boring place. I love guessing what will sell first.

Molly just called from a cold canyon in Utah on her way from Salt Lake to Logan. Think I'll enjoy sitting here for a while longer. That cold will be here in a few days!

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