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Monday, October 12, 2009

Shearing Lambs

Got my lambs sheared last Thursday before they had a chance to fill their fleeces with burrs and hay. Wow are the fleeces beautiful and soft. It makes me so happy to bag 'em up and just look at the locks in the clear plastic bags. Not only am I happy with the fleeces but the lambs looked great this year. Most of them look like yearlings. Good growth this summer since we had plenty of pasture. No health issues either. It was a good year.
I'll be off to Rhinebeck on Friday with some of these fleeces ready to sell. Hope to see some familiar faces there. Anne Priest is always such fun to visit with. Kathy and Mark Stephens from Biltmore Wool Barn will be bringing my new BFL and Shetland roving. They processed it on short notice when I got news that I had gotten a booth. Can't wait to see it. They do such a beatiful job carding. I'm so glad I had dyed lots of fiber over the summer to send them in a hurry.

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Ebonwald Cardigans said...

Love how wonderful the sheep looked sheared! I'm too afraid to do that with how cold its already getting, but I'll let you do it :)

have fun at Rhinebeck!