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Saturday, August 29, 2009


For weeks now I have been excited to drive to the BFL show in Wisconsin. Getting the booth at Rhinebeck put a glitch in those plans. Not enough money to do both so.... I have decided to skip Wisconsin this year. Bummer. But being a believer that everything works out for the best, I'm excited because now I can attend the Shetland Show in NJ on the same weekend. It's 2 hours away...a lot closer than WI. I might not be learning more about Bluefaced Leicesters, but I sure do need to learn more about Shetlands. This should be a good opportunity. Maybe I can stuff 1 or 20 of the Shetland ram lambs born here last spring into the truck for door prizes. One thing I am hoping is that someone can tell me why we had all those ram lambs and only 4 ewes.

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Shepherd Valley Farm said...

It was good to talk to you at the Shetland show yesterday! I was the stand -in NASSA historian taking photos. I was sharing your stories with my husband on the way home. Still can't get over the ram you "picked up" for that lady. I appreciated your insight and sense of humor.
~Linda of Shepherd Valley Farm